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Christmas at the Lake: Decorating Your Lake Home for the Holidays

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Everyone knows that I love to decorate! I especially love to decorate during the holidays. There is something extra special about decorating a home for Christmas that makes me truly happy. I love seeing all the lights, the fireplace, the vintage ornaments and decorations that remind me of Christmases past, old traditions and precious memories shared with loved ones. I feel that life gets a little better...a little more peaceful...a little more magical.
I have always dreamed of one day owning a home by the lake where I can gather all my family and friends to enjoy a peaceful and restful holiday season. I became more inspired to do this due to a recent project I have been invited to write about, Waterfront Real Estate CT. What better way to celebrate the beautiful and delightful season than at the lake, removed from the fast paced everyday life we all seem to live nowadays.
Ah, until then a girl can dream, but for all you lucky ones with a lake home to enjoy this Christmas, here are some decorating ideas to help you bring in the magic of the season without breaking the bank.

Surround Yourself In Nature

The best way to decorate a lake home for the festive season is to bring the beauty of the surrounding outdoors in. Decorate by using natural elements like pine cones, twigs, and acorns. Keep things simple, naturally organic and not too fussy. 

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Photo: Traditional Home

Photo: Traditional Home

Photo: Passion D├ęcor

While you deck the halls, don't forget nature's friends. My personal favorites are deer. They hold some of the magic of Christmas that fill little hearts with delight after all!

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How Lovely Are The Branches!

When looking for a tree in an all-white nature space like the lake, nothing would be prettier than an all natural evergreen like a fir or pine tree. Beyond their fragrance and appeal, evergreens are 100% biodegradable and once the season is over, can be recycled for a variety of purposes benefiting wildlife and nature in general.


Photo: Stylish Eve


Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Good home cooked food and good company is everything during the holidays. Why not highlight all the delicious delights within your decorating and put food on display.

Photo: A Blissful Nest

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Add a little special treat for all of your younger guests by including a kids station where they can go and make their own hot chocolate to warm their toes, fingers and nose.


Spread the Cheer

Try to add a little bit of Christmas in every room of the home, especially the guest rooms. It will help everyone feel welcomed and right at home.

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One of my favorite things to do and share with my children is to include a Nativity scene as a node to what Christmas is all about.

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Relax, You Are On Lake Time

One of the greatest advantages of spending the holidays at the lake cottage is that you can take the time to relax and enjoy your family and friends. For me, there is no better way to relax and have fun than to take in a Christmas sleigh ride or go skating and watch my boys play hockey on the lake!

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Christmas is a special time of the year. A time to slow down a little and spend some quality time with people that we love. This time we can spend with our family and friends is the greatest gift that we can give and receive during this marvelous time of the year. 

Wishing you all a season of joy, a season of cheer, and to top it all off, a wonderful year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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