Thursday, June 11, 2015

Online Decorating & E-Design. Afforable Design Made Easy

Ahh!! Design Dilemmas!!
While walking through a home furnishing showroom last week I realized that unless you're a natural born decorator, shopping for your home must be more than a little overwhelming!! There is SO much choice today! Great furnishings and accessories, colors and finishes, not to mention an excess of style options.
So how do You, as a shopper, choose which design direction to take, and what to buy? It can be very frustrating and stressful, especially without having expert advice to help you make those important choices. Do you wish you could enlist the help of an interior designer but, are worried about the costs involved and the restraints of the home visits and appointments. You are not alone!
So... what if there was a one-stop-shop for the expertise you need? An affordable solution that would help you find, define and refine your style; take the risk out of shopping; create a space that works for you (not against you); AND can bring it all together with a designer touch of WOW? What if it was accessible within your budget, and without the physical restraints of home visits? Makes sense?
I am happy to announce that Wish Decor now offers affordable Online Decorating / E-Design Consultations for homeowners who are looking for professional ideas and solutions for their projects. No budget is too big or too small!
Online Decorating Consultations start at $25.00 and may include any of the following:
Online Colour Consultation & selections
If you are looking to paint 1 or just a few rooms, we are happy to coordinate with your existing palette or we can start from scratch and create a beautiful new palette for your entire home!
Furniture layout / restyling, drapery, flooring and accessories etc; With our Room Makeover Service we work with your existing pieces to determine the best layout for your space. If you are looking to purchase new pieces, recommendations on style, size and colour can be made with product links to applicable sites if requested.
Budget Friendly Decorating Ideas / Problem Solving. Our One-Time Design Question Service can provide a quick and affordable solution if you are stuck with a design dilemma. If you want to camouflage flaws, find solutions to problem areas, get ideas to highlight the features of your home or simply need product recommendations that complement each other and your space.
By purchasing one or a combination of our online decorating services, we can help you comfortably create with confidence the home that you have always wanted.
So,...How do you get the ball rolling?!!…
You can view all our online services, details and pricing by visiting  If you have any questions or are uncertain which service best suits your needs please send us an email with your questions and we will help you chose the service that is best for you. We will send you the cost of your Online Decorating Consultation, and once you have decided on your service, we will send you some questions that are personalized to your projects so that we can give you the best service possible!

Looking forward to working with you and to helping you create and transform your space!

Wish D├ęcor