Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Decorating with Accessories. The Essential Style Element

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A well decorated room is never complete without accessories.  Like beautiful jewelry that add style and glamour to an elegant dress, accessories are the essential element to any stylish space and, without them a room lacks in interest and personality.  Rooms always look their best when they are properly accessorized.  Here are some tips for decorating with accessories:

Buy only what you love.  What inspires you.

When shopping for accessories, always look for items that strike an emotion within you and speak to your personal style.  They don't need to be expensive, but should showcase your personality and add interest in shape, color and texture.  The best accessorized homes look curated over time. Since you will be seeing your accessories every day, they should be items that truly inspire you.  Vintage items and items of sentimental value such as pieces of art are always interesting. They breathe tons of personality into any room and, can be great conversational pieces because they have great stories behind them.  Always remember to edit your selections to avoid visual overload and bring the most attention to the pieces you showcase.


Look for Function and Practicality
When making your selection you should take into account not only the aesthetic of each individual object but also its function.  Can it be used for some practical purpose in your home? Candle sticks can not only add sparkle but, provide ambient lighting when candles are lit.  Likewise, adding a decorative lamp not only adds style but, provides essential light. Vases can hold fresh flowers, bowls can hold fruit or candy, mirrors add beauty and depth to any space and trays can be used to group different items and help you serve your guests when entertaining.  Throw blankets and decorative pillows are always great.  They not only add color and texture but, help keep you warm and comfy and can be easily interchangeable to bring a fresh new look for each season. When you look for both functional and aesthetically beautiful things, you avoid clutter.

Sarah Richardson Design

Photo by Wish Decor

Grouping and Creating Vignettes
Grouping your accessories will not only help showcase them better then if they were dispersed but, it will add more impact to your decor.  One of the surest ways to add a "designer touch" to any home is to arrange objects into vignettes.  You can make a vignette on a dresser, table, bookshelf, or ledge.  When grouping your items, place several objects of similar shape, size and color together in odd numbers to create interesting arrangements. Groupings of three or five always have a stronger visual impact than a group of two or four.
When decorating a coffee table, try varying the height and size of your accessories.  Use items such as books or pedestals to elevate smaller objects.  Always stick to a theme for continuity and vary the texture of the objects whenever possible for added interest and that little something "unexpected".  Place your groupings in a well lit area, in front of a mirror or on a mirrored tray to create extra depth and dimension.  Lastly, always strive to include one item with color that compliments the dominant color or is the accent color of your decor, such as flowers. 

Terrat Elms Interior Design

Photo by Wish Decor

Similar to vignettes, art also can be grouped to display a collection of similar works. Make sure that your art includes some of the colors in your room, making for a more cohesive look. 

Photo by Style at Home

Photo by Rue Magazine

You can arrange art to fit the style and theme of your room. Symmetrical designs work best for formal rooms and, asymmetrical groupings tend to work better if a room has a more casual feel.  Carefully, mixing the finish of different frames can also bring some great texture to your collection.

Accessories are the final element of the decorating process, and thus tend to be an afterthought or omission; leaving rooms dull and incomplete.  Accessories are essential and, the most powerful components for creating uniquely beautiful rooms that are comfortable and inspiring to be in. They are the finishing touches to any space and an area where you can have the most fun, truly express yourself and bring your space to life with personality.   


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